Open Source Customization

Most businesses have some common web requirements that could be catered by customizing or extending a stable open source application. Using an open source application saves money and time considerably. Also major open source applications have lot of contributed modules that could be utilized or customized to accomplish the purpose.

Open source applications can be used for developing content management system, ecommerce applications, Job portals, Social networking sites, Classified sites and many more.

FlashWebHost has been working on Open Source platforms since 2001. In fact, we have always had a special focus on Open Source technologies and its applications.

1).First we understand your requirement for web application or intranet project or even your Internet venture

2). And starting from scratch, we use our knowledge and experience to find out if such an Open Source framework is available

3). We then modify it extensively to exactly suit your needs

4). It is never used as is. But, there is no point re-inventing the wheel either!

5). This framework is used only to save cost and time and augment its applicability by providing it a professional touch and customization

6). While you use it, you will never see any unwanted details

7). The whole project comes to you LIVE after testing, and with 30 days of free support followed by a paid support as and when required. Rest assured that you would never need to come back to us, at least for the scope of work we agreed upon.

FlashWebHost provide customization and integration for bellow Open source platforms:

  • WordPress Open Source Customization
  • PHPBB Customization
  • joomla Open Source Customization
  • drupal Open Source Customization
  • magento Open Source Customization
  • oscommerce Open Source Customization

So, if looking for good open source development and customization services, click here for getting a free quote

Benefits of Open source softwares are:

  • Availability of quick fixes and feature enhancements
  • Enhanced portability
  • Development time and cost reduced by over 40%
  • Software comes with rights to modify
  • Flexibility for meeting certain needs (not available with proprietary licensed softwares)
  • Availability of large pool of source codes from the Internet
  • Vendor neutrality